Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last Days of Preschool

School is coming to an end very soon. Luke will finish preschool and move on to 4K. Elementary School here we come! I'm looking forward to working on projects and homework, after school activities, new friends, and lots of great opportunities ahead. Poor Luke doesn't even know where he's headed yet as we can't decide where to send him for 4K. Will it be public or private? We shall see. Until then we have lots of fun planned for the summer, and as soon as I'm done working in July we're going to check out many local fun places! On our short list: Racine Zoo, Elegant Farmer, East Troy Electric Railroad, Little Amerrika, our vacation to Cable, WI, Sheridan Pool (yikes), North Beach, Castle Park, Waukesha County Fair, and maybe a few more.

I don't have much to post about when I'm working so much. Life pretty much revolves around the Franklin Sabers. So until I get a minute to catch up on some free time - here is a picture of the lovely Mother's Day flowers Ronnie purchased for me. It's almost time for them to go, so I snapped a picture.

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