Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sheepdog in Hipstamatic

I'm enjoying my new iPhone Application Hipstamatic. Chinook is my subject. He doesn't want his picture taken. I'm following him around the house.

He's just about had enough of this nonsense.

The Hipstamatic Camera was founded in 1982 by brothers Winston and Bruce Dorbowski of Merrill, Wisconsin. They created the all plastic camera (lens included) in a small cabin studio on the Wisconsin River. There were only 157 cameras made back in 1982. Not sure if was due to lack of popularity or the untimely death of the two brothers. They were killed by a drunk driver in 1984.

iPhone has proved once again that there is an app for just about everything. The Hipstomatic is available for download for $1.99. It comes with three different lenses, two flashes, and two different kinds of film. I think Bruce and Winston would be proud. I'm sure having fun.

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