Monday, August 9, 2010

RIP iPhone 2G

Ok, I miss you. iPhone 2G, all of the memories we have are many. I picture my brother Mike standing in line (possibly) for this new piece of Apple greatness that has buzzed the entire U.S. I remember the Christmas he brought you home, his woman. What a beauty you were.

That Christmas he showed me the commercial he concepted. The Mini Clubman Pinball spot, a proud man showing off his new bride. I will admit I admired your beauty. Do you hate me for being jealous? I left that night figuring that any man would do. I clutched my black Motorola Razor and told him we'd be fine on our own. Life was bliss again.

The next fall brought on deployment time for Ron. I looked D-day square in the face and pictured many lost communications between us. As much as I'd like to be near my laptop I knew there would be times I'd miss his instant messages. "We've done this before", I thought.

Little did I know, iPhone 2G, my brother would replace you. It turns out there was a new woman in town, and her name was 3G. He didn't need you, but I did.

Sent in the mail, I received a package addressed to me. I realized your possibilities were endless. I'll never forget the time you let me instant message my soldier. Me in a bar in Madison, him in an MWR tent in Afghanistan. I didn't miss a moment. I could celebrate a 30th birthday without missing extremely important irreplaceable communication from my love. Nothing, not walking into work, nor grocery shopping, lawn mowing, or 3-year-old bedtime tucking would keep me away from MY MAN. I owe that to you.

You saved me. Yes, SAVED ME, I said it. I don't think my life would have been as peaceful (as humanly possible) during that deployment without you.

I'm sorry for dropping you. More than a year later you met your fate on the pavement outside the Hilton. I never had the chance to say goodbye. My last few days of Hipstamatic pictures, you will take with you in untimely misery. It's ok. You deserve them.

Rest in peace 2G. Thank you for a piece of mind, an instant gratification, and a sense of memory. You will not be forgotten.

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