Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brewers Opening Day 2010

Monday April 5th marked my first Opening Day experience. Ron and I packed the car early with a cooler full of Miller Lite, Johnsonville Brats, Black Bear Soda (Black Cherry flavored to be exact), and assorted condiments. I made a decadent batch of Rice Krispie Treats and we brought a few bags of Lays wavy chips for the best ever chip dip that awaited us upon my sister-in-law's arrival to the parking lot.

We were set to go! A quick stop at the gas station for ice and we were on our way. Heading to Miller Park from the southeast side of town is a heavenly ride. The Lake Parkway and the Hoan Bridge launch us to the stadium in roughly 15 minutes. We easily curve to the northwest end of the stadium and head into the lot (with no line!) at about 9:45 am. The poor souls who travel in from the west make a parking lot out of I-94 and slowly beg to make entrance to a preferred lot on Brewers territory. Who says that living on the south side is nothing if not advantageous.

Ron parks the car and before we can get out of the vehicle all cars around us begin to haul out tables, grills, camping chairs, food, and of course beer. There is even half barrel on ice in a jumbo tub at the car next to us already being primed by a college dude. Milwaukeeans waste little time.

Finally we catch word that Ron's sister has arrived and is parked a few rows behind us. We make our way over for some food, drinks and good conversation. By the time we are heading into the game I am full, tipsy, a little tired, and have already gotten too much sun. Am I too old for this?? Ron and I conclude that the tailgating is fun, but maybe next time we'll show up just for the game. Or maybe instead we will pick up a tailgate package from Skyline Catering Express. For $9.95 per person you can get a combination of burgers, brats, hot dogs, condiments, paper plates, utensils and napkins along with a few picnic style side dishes. Disposable heating units with sterno are available by request. (Minimum of 10 people per order). This was their special for opening day - we'll have to check back to see if they offer this throughout the season.

Moving on to Miller Park. Our seats are in the Loge section. We purchased a 9 pack this year and the Opening Day tickets were thrown in for free. We are split from the other 4 people with whom we purchased tickets just for this game. Our seats are directly in the sun. Joy of joy! We manage to last until the top of the 7th before we are overcome with heat exhaustion and leave the land mine lot of broken bottles, cooling grills, and food roughage galore. All in all it is a great experience. We are looking forward to the rest of the games in our 9 pack, our regular seats (which are out of the sun), and a little more laid back atmosphere. Bottom line: We can't hang with the college cats anymore. No use in denying it. This girl is a daytime party has-been.

P.S. The Brewers lost. :(

See you later Milwaukee!

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