Thursday, April 8, 2010

Family Fun Land

Thursday morning Luke and I took off to Germantown to explore Family Fun Land W189 N11161 Klienmann Dr. After looking over the website I was impressed by the admission rate. It is $4 for a wristband for kids to play on a huge play structure and bounce house. Considering that Monkey Joe's is $8 ($10 on Saturday and Sunday) I decided the deal was worth the drive.

We arrived a few minutes after the business opened at 10am. There were already several cars in the lot and stay-at-home-moms were unloading kids from mini vans and SUVs by the carload. Upon entrance I was a little confused where to pay but then noticed the line at the prize station. A little signage would have been helpful (and I also wonder how closely they keep track of walk-ins). However, the line was quick, we were given a waiver to sign with instructions to keep socks on at all times, and not to play on arcade games unless we are putting in tokens. Got it. Luke was given a wristband and we made our way to the bounce house.

It was a large bounce house, a little overfilled. It looked like Luke was having a hard time bouncing. Quickly we were on to the soft indoor playground. I was very impressed. It was similar to a McDonald's Play Land but much larger in my opinion. The room was VERY clean. This really speaks volumes about the care and quality of this mom and pop business. Luke took to the playground immediately, and I lost him at times in the many crevices, tunnels, slides, and levels of the structure. I did feel a little uneasy that there were multiple exits to the structure, and he could easily slip into the game area unnoticed. So, I decided to roam the area just to be certain. I did notice a little girl had lost her grandma at one point, and a staff member immediately took action to help the little girl. The employees were all wearing bright red or blue shirts with STAFF clearly written on the back.

In the soft play area there is also a mini soft structure for children 3 and under and an animal bounce house for toddlers.

In the middle of the building were a slew of arcade games similar to Chuck E Cheese. I found them a little overpriced. I haven't been to the Chuck, but I've read that they are supposed to have 25 cent games there. Here at Family Land car racing games ran from $1.00 to $1.25 a pop. Skee Ball was 50 cents. (1 token is equal to 25 cents). Again, my research is not complete on arcade expenses in the area.

We stopped our play when Luke complained of thirst and made our way to the far end of the building which houses the kitchen. Family Fun Land offers pizza (which they bake in house), a Friday Fish Fry, and many snacks, drinks, and deserts. Luke settled for a strawberry yogurt and watered down juice. I split my pretzel with cheese and bottled water with him. This cost us $7.60. Not too bad. The eating area is filled with cafeteria style tables. It would make for a great Friday night outing of dinner and exercise for the kids.

After another run in the play area we decided to leave. It was well worth the $4 spent and the drive out to Germantown. Luke had a great time and wants to visit again soon. If you go, remember to wear socks (mom and dad too if you need to retrieve your little one from the play structure).


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